Mama Lycha Potato Pancakes

Potato Pancakes

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Mama Lycha 30 mins

undefined: Intermediate

    • Mama Lycha Hondurean Style Sour Cream 

    • Mama Lycha Hard Cheese Crumbles

    • 4 Scratched Potatoes

    • 3 Eggs

    • 1 cup flour

    • 1 tablespoon salt

    • 1 tablespoon white pepper

    • 1 tablespoon of garlic salt

    • Green Onion

    1. In a bowl, combine the grated potatoes, eggs, flour, salt, pepper and garlic salt. Mix well until everything is incorporated.

    2. Take some of the mixture in your hands and begin to shape it into flat and round cakes.

    3. Fry the pancakes in a pan previously heated with oil.

    4. Serve the tortas with the Honduran cream, bean cheese and green onion.

these tortas are perfect as a snack if you make them smaller, or as an accompaniment to the main course if you make them the size of your palm.

El Amanecer Honduran Style Sour Cream 14 oz bag


Mama Lycha