Mama Lycha Tzatziki


: Mexico

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Quick And Simple

Mama Lycha 15 mins

undefined: Beginner

    • Mama Lycha Mexican Sour Cream 

    • English Cucumber

    • Dill

    • Olive Oil

    • Garlic Salt

    • Lemon Juice

    • Salt and Pepper

    1. Place all the Mama Lycha Mexican Sour Cream in a large bowl.

    2. Grate the cucumber into small pieces, chop the dill and add to the bowl.

    3. Mix everything with garlic salt, salt, pepper, lemon and a dash of olive oil.

    4. Heat for a few seconds and serve in a small bowl, garnishing with a little olive oil and olives.

Tzatziki is a Greek sauce originally made with yogurt to accompany kebabs and falafel. In this Mexican version, we use it to accompany salads, tortillas and nachos.

Mama Lycha Sour Cream  Mexicana

Mama Lycha Salvadorean Sour Creams are made only with 100% real grass-fed cow’s milk. Grade A sour cream has no artificial oils like other on the market. Our sour cream has a proven authentic taste, rich, buttery in flavor, and is thick in texture.

Mama Lycha