Mama Lycha Veracruz Bomb

Veracruz Bomb

: Mexico

Main Dishes

Mama Lycha 15 mins

undefined: Beginner

    • Mama Lycha Refried Black Beans 

    • Mama Lycha Fresh Cheese

    • Conchas (Mexican sweet bread)

    • Olive oil

    1. Heat the beans in a skillet with olive oil.

    2. Cut the cheese into slices in a separate dish.

    3. Split the shells in half.

    4. Open the bread to put the beans and cheese in one half, use the other half to close it and make it look like a sandwich.

Conchas are a type of Mexican sweet bread that can be divided like a hamburger bun. We recommend using it in the preparation so that you have authentic Bombas Veracruzanas.

Mama Lycha Cheese Original

Mama Lycha Queso Duroblando is one of Central America’s most prized and popular cheeses. This is an aged, sharp, bold tasting cheese similar to parmesan. It is hard in texture but soft enough that it can be crumbled.

Mama Lycha