Mama Lycha Honduran Baleadas

Honduran Baleadas

: Honduras

Main Dishes

Mama Lycha 15 mins

undefined: Beginner

    • 1 Mama Lycha Honduran Creole chorizo sausage
    • 1 package Mama Lycha refried silk beans
    • 1 package of Mama Lycha corn tortillas
    • 4 eggs
    • Salt

    1. Remove the skin and sauté the chorizos over low heat in the pan.
    2. Add the eggs and salt to taste to the skillet and stir over medium heat until the mixture is cooked.
    3. Serve a portion on each corn tortilla with the beans.

Stir the egg and chorizo mixture constantly so that everything cooks evenly and prevents the preparation from burning.

Mama Lycha Hand Made Corn Tortillas

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Mama Lycha