Mama Lycha Po’ Boy

Po’ Boy


Main Dishes

Authentic Classics

Mama Lycha 30 mins

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    • Mama Lycha Bread Crumbs

    • Mama Lycha Curtido

    • Shrimp

    • Bolillo

    • Tomato Slices

    • Butterhead lettuce

    • Mayonnaise 

    • Chipotle

    1. Start by breading the shrimp by dipping the shrimp through the scrambled egg and then through a bowl of Mama Lycha Breadcrumbs.

    2. Once breaded, fry the shrimp in the pan.

    3. In another pan, fry the breadcrumbs in a little oil until golden and crispy. 

    4. Spread the mayonnaise on the breads. Arrange the lettuce, tomatoes and shrimp on the breads.

    5. You can serve the Po' Boy on a plate with the Curtido Salvadoreño Mamá Lycha.

Remember not to fry the shrimp too long as they cook very quickly.

Mama Lycha Salted Cooked Shrimp

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