Mama Lycha Marinated Fajita

Marinated Fajita

: Mexico

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Mama Lycha 30 mins

undefined: Intermediate

    • Mama Lycha Fajita Marinade Sauce

    • Mama Lycha Plantain Strips with Salt and Lime

    • 2 pounds of beef fajitas

    • Vegetables to grill

    1. Cut the meat in pieces and put it in a bowl with some of the Mama Lycha Fajitas Marinade sauce. You can leave it overnight to soak in the flavor.

    2. In another bowl, add the vegetables with some of the marinade as well. Make sure all the ingredients are well integrated with the sauce.

    3. Grill the vegetables and the meat at the temperature you consider, depending on how you like the style of the meat.

    4. Serve the fajita with some Mamá Lycha Plantain Slices and you are ready to enjoy this dish.

For this fajita recipe you don't need additional seasonings such as salt and pepper, because they are already integrated in the Mama Lycha Fajitas Marinade Sauce.

Mama Lycha Fajitas Marinade Sauce

Versatile marinade used for fajitas or other meats. Contains lime and orange juice to enhance flavor.

Mama Lycha