Mama Lycha Nance Juice

Nance Juice

: México and El Salvador


Quick And Simple


To Go

Mama Lycha 15 mins

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    • 1 can of Mama Lycha nances
    • Sugar to taste (or sweetener of your choice)

    • 4 cups of water

    1. Wash the nances and put them in the blender with two cups of water.

    2. Turn the blender on the lowest setting so as not to crush the seeds.

    3. When you obtain a thick texture, like pulp, pass it through the strainer squeezing a spoon to make the most of the juice.

    4. Add the remaining cups of water on top of the strainer to help filter it all.

    5. Now you only need to add the amount of sugar you consider and enjoy your nutritious juice.

Did you know that nances are low in calories? They are an incredible fruit because they provide fiber and carbohydrates, strengthen your defenses and help with digestion and fever.

Mama Lycha Nance

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Mama Lycha